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Minimum Of 50 Pieces Per Item
Serious OEM / Reseller inquiries only. For direct order only.
Notes: All transformers will be supplied with RoHS compliant topcoat appliance wire all at 12" length and of our chosen colors unless otherwise specified.
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You are an Established OEM, Reseller and/or Dealer
50 Pieces
100 Pieces
250 pieces
500 pieces
1000 Pieces
50 to 100 Pieces
50 to 250 Pieces
50 to 500 Pieces
50 to 1000 Pieces
Vertical Mounted (with 2 covers with feet with 4 mounting holes & mounted on high or tall side)
Horizontal Mounted (with 2 covers with feet with 4 mounting holes & mounted on low or long side)
Laydown Mounted (with 2 covers & 4 screw mounting through chassis)
Channel Frame Mounted (with two hole feet mounting)
Black Oxide (generally available on 4 hole mounted Fender & Leslie style products)
Zinc (generally available on 4 hole mounted Marshall & Vox style transformers)
Electro Tin Coated (only available on 2 hole mounted units with channel frames or shields)
Black Oxide on channel frames & shields (at extra $)
50 Hz
60 Hz