Paper layer wound like the vintage era originals!
Made in USA by us at Magnetic Components, Inc.
Made with pre-tinned "Topcoat" PVC appliance wire for ease of soldering
RoHS Compliant
Your added features and/or custom requirements?
By popular demand, we now offer our new ClassicTone Custom line for the amplifier manufacturer or reseller looking for that perfect transformer for their requirements that cannot be found in our ever growing standard ClassicTone line of products. These can be custom variants of the "classics" or completely different or new custom amplifier transformers to your exact specifications and requirements. We also can replicate an existing sample if provided to us. Let us know how we can help you.

Note: For direct order only. 18 piece minimum per item only. Serious OEM / Reseller inquiries only please!
What is ClassicTone Custom?
Please press the link(s) below and fill out and submit the Request For Quotation Form for your custom power transformer, output transformer and/or choke requirement:
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WARNING: Transformers should always be installed by a professional electronics technician since there are high voltages involved and may result in serious physical harm to yourself, the transformer and/or your equipment if installed incorrectly. 
Vintage Constructed Amplifier Transformers By Magnetic Components, Inc.