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Please check out these great ClassicTone customer photos
This photo is compliments of Berrier Guitar & Amp Works and shows our ClassicTone # 40-18055 100W Marshall DSL style output transformer and our ClassicTone # 40-18058 choke. The choke, in the upper left hand corner of the chassis, is being used as an optional upgrade since the DSLs did not come with chokes.
This photo is compliments Rob Souza of and shows (from left to right) our ClassicTone # 40-18032 5 Hy  Marshall style choke, ClassicTone # 40-18025 50W Marshall JCM800 style output transformer and our ClassicTone # 40-18023 50W JCM800 style power transformer. This is just prior to their installation in the above JCM800 chassis.
This photo shows the transformers after the installation in Rob Souza's 50W JCM800. Nice job!
This photo shows the Chris Andrews 20W version of Marshall 1959RR with our ClassicTone # 40-18037
This photo shows the Chris Andrews amp in a nice, hinged tool box enclosure. 
This photo shows the Chris Andrews Amp from a bottom view. 
This customer photo shows our ClassicTone # 40-18049 OT installed as an upgrade/mod for a newer Vox AC30CC2.
Note: It is shown in the vertical mounted configuration. If one of the end bell covers is removed, it may be mounted in the laydown mounting configuration of the original vintage AC30 amplifiers as well.
A customer photo of our ClassicTone # 40-18043 installed as an upgrade/mod in a modern Vox AC30CC2.  
Customer photo of our ClassicTone # 40-18072 installed as an upgrade/replacement in an original Marshall 100W Super Tremolo from 1968. It is the black output transformer in the center of the chassis. 
A customer photo closeup of our ClassicTone # 40-18072 in the vintage Marshall 100W Super Tremolo from 1968. This photo shows the large, beefy mounting brackets. This output transformer features a much wider bandwidth and greater 2.2K primary impedance. As a result, it is a great upgrade to the stock OT of that era. The customer commented..."The amp sounds so warm and smooth on channel two, I listened to the local smooth jazz station on it through my old Warfdale for a while, something that would NEVER HAPPEN with the normal nasty Marshall amp!" The customer also commented that it will require the easy drilling of two additional holes to accomodate the slightly larger footprint but otherwise, fits very nicely.
Below are photos from David Schultz of an amplifier build featuring our ClassicTone part numbers 40-18025 OT, 40-18023 PT and 40-18032 choke for 50W Marshall style amplifiers. Here's what David says about his amplifier build and our transformers...."The design goal was to make the ultimate 50 Watt rock n' roll amp using only Classic Tone transformers. The circuit incorporates designs from the Marshall JCM800 2204 and the Soldano Avenger meshed together. The tube compliment uses 4 12ax7 preamp tubes and two E34L output tubes. The sound is incredible. Single channel with two levels of gain from the independant inputs. The chassis came from Triode USA and the head shell came from some guy on ebay who makes them".
Below is a nice photo from Joe G. of his Fender Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Style build featuring our 40-18021 power transformer and our 40-18022 output transformer. These two transformers were replicated from originals from an actual vintage 5E3 amplifier.
Above is a photo of the Avatar 45 Head based upon the JTM45 but with some added modern features.
Below is a chassis view of the Avatar 45 featuring our ClassicTone transformers. In the photo from left to right is our ClassicTone part numbers 40-18033 PT, 40-18039 OT and 40-18059 choke. Please check out Avatar's lineup of products at
Above is a photo of the JTS-50 from Chambers Custom Guitars & Amps. It is a Marshall 50W style circuit. Please check our Chambers Custom Guitars & Amps lineup of products at
To the Right: This is a photo of the JTS-50 from Chambers Custom Guitars & Amps  showing our 40-18023 Marshall Style PT, 40-18025 Marshall Style OT and 40-18058 Marshall Style Choke.
Vintage Constructed Amplifier Transformers By Magnetic Components, Inc.
Below: These photos are of a very nice Champ AA784 circuit build. In this photo are our ClassicTone # 40-18085 power transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18030 output transformer. These photos are compliments of Pierre-Francoise.
Below: These photos are of a Fender Tweed Deluxe 5E3 circuit build. In this photo are our ClassicTone # 40-18078 power transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18022 output transformer. These photos are once again compliments of Pierre-Francoise.
Below: These photos are of a our ClassicTone # 40-18026 Marshall 100W style output transformer. The amp owner, Don Bort provided these great photos. Jeff Scarborough, a talented guitarist and amp tech installed the transformer. Don Bort wrote, "I recently purchased a ClassicTone set for my 1972 Marshall. Although I only used the output transformer in the rebuild of this original amp, I am very pleased with the sound of the transformer in this amp".
Above is a photo from Francis Diaz showing his home built 50W amplifier sporting our
ClassicTone # 40-18092 50W output transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18073 50W power transformer.

Below is an under chassis view of the circuit.
More Great ClassicTone Customer Photos on Page 1
Above and Below are more photos from Dan Tramble of Dr. Dan Amp Services Marshall JMP 45 style amp. He is using our JTM 45 style transformers. For more information on Dr. Dan Amp Services, please see Dan's Facebook link at
Above and Below are photos of one of  Caio Mario's CMG amplifiers. It is a Marshall 50W style amplifier featurung our ClassicTone # 40-18025 among others. for more information on Caio's CMG amplifiers, please see his Facebook link.
Above and Below are photos of  Rob Hunt's Supertone Special amps in both black and cream colored heads. In the center photo, our output transformer ClassicTone # 40-18008 and choke ClassicTone # 40-18003 can be seen installed in the chassis. We'd like to thank Rob Hunt for the nice photos. It was a pleassure meeting him at the 2017 NAMM Show.
Above and Below are photo of one of  Roger Bark's 40W Fenderish amplifiers with our ClassicTone transformers.