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Please check out these great ClassicTone customer photos
Vintage Constructed Amplifier Transformers By Magnetic Components, Inc.
Above is a photo from Larry Lietz's gorgeous and very authentic Supro 1624T build.
It is so authentic that he used our recently reissued original specification ClassicTone # 40-18063 output transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18062 power transformer. We were the original transformer manufacturer for Valco / Supro in the 1950s and early 1960s and these were produced to their original specifications. 

Below are more photos of Larry's amazing Supro 1624T Build
Above and below are photos from our new friend Lorenzo from Italy. It is a nice DIY home build using our ClassicTone # 40-18031 output transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18027 power transformer 
As Owner / President of Magnetic Components, Inc. / ClassicTone products, I am proud to to use my own ClassicTone transformers in my personal amplifier.  Above are photos of one of my many amplifiers being built with ClassicTone transformers by my engineer (shown in the photo on the left). It is a Marshall JTM 50 style amplfier kit build with most major components from Triode USA's Marshall JTM50 amp kit .

Below (left) is a photo of my complete Marshall JTM 50 style amplifier and the gorgeous speaker cabinet compliments of our loyal ClassicTone transformer user Scott Splawn of Splawn Amplification. Below (right) is a photo that shows the ClassicTone transfomers installed in the amp. My amp includes ClassicTone # 40-18025 output transformer, ClassicTone # 40-18054 power transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18032 Choke. My amp sounds amazing!
Below is a photo of Bob Savino's customer's Marshall DSL50 with our replacement ClassicTone # 40-18074 output transformer. He stated...."I just finished installing the new output transformer in a customer's Marshall DSL50. Good, clean, deep and rich tone. That is the way I like it." 

Left is a photo of the bottom of the circuit.
Above and below are photos of Don Taylor's single ended 6L6 amp build featuring our
ClassicTone # 40-18031 output transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18066 power transformer.
Below is a photo of Jos Meurrens' amp build featuring our ClassicTone # 40-18096 power transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18006 power transformer. Jos states that......"My amp only has 3 pre-amp tubes, Input channel, Vibrato and the driver. 2 x 6L6 and a GZ 34 rectifier. The Vibrato is Bias type, not Octocoupler. IMO, Bias Vibrato sounds warmer, deeper, and no knocking in the speaker. It is a Princeton Chassis, which I changed for the PT, and a choke instead of a resistor. Also a doghouse instead of the Princeton Filter Can."

Below is a photo of Leon Chalnick's amp he calls the "Super Duper". This amp build features our ClassicTone # 40-18073 power transformer, ClassicTone # 40-18006 output transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18003 Choke.
Above and below are photos of Mark Koher's of Living Tone Amplification amplifier model OmegaTone Special. This amp features our ClassicTone # 40-18029 power transformer, ClassicTone # 40-18006 output transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18003 Choke.
Above and below are more photos of Mark Koher's of Living Tone Amplification Brit style amplifier model Brighton 15. This amp features our ClassicTone # 40-18035 power transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18037 output transformer.
Above and below are photos of Steve Trusler's modified Marshall DSL40C. He upgraded this amplifier using our ClassicTone # 40-18025 output transformer and added our ClassicTone # 40-18058 choke. Steve said the following on this upgrade...."I must say I could not be more delighted with your products or customer service. Thirty seconds with a soldering iron had the old  R111 out and the ClassicTone choke in. A couple of holes drilled (with a depth stop) and a dab of threadlock had it all done. Personally I believe that your products are high quality upgrades to already good amplifiers. From my experiences so far I have highly recommended your products to other DSL40C owners on the Marshall amps forum." and ..."Finally fitted the new OT two days ago. Everything went very well and it is working perfectly. A very definite improvement over the stock part. Many thanks again for your superb customer support. I have highly recommended your products to the Marshall Forum."
Left and below are some photos of Geoff Gannon's Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe build. He used our ClassicTone # 40-18022 output transformer and our ClassicTone # 40-18021 power transformer. Our Fender Tweed 5E3 Deluxe transformer set was replicated from the original transformers in an orignal Fender 5E3 Deluxe amplifier.
Above (Left & Right) and Below are wonderful photos from our friend, Marty Overbay. He states about this amp ..."It started out as a 1959 RCA PA amplifier. It used 7027 power tubes and it was a horribly inefficient design. I loved the retro look of this "Lunch Box" amp and I wanted to do something with it. The person that did the original conversion did a horrible job and the amp sounded terrible. Well the amp sat unused for over a year and a half. Don Sloan of Sloan Amplification in Broken Arrow, OK had built me a custom amp in the past so I decided to let him have a stab at it. He rebuilt the amp. He corrected all the problems which I won't go into. What I will say is that after Don solved the low B+ problem the PT was too stout and it had to be replaced. I knew it was going to be a chore so I decided to have Don replace the OT as well. Installed in the amp are the ClassicTone 40-18095 PT and the 40-18025 OT. I could not be happier with the ClassicTone products. Anyhow this amp was originally delivered to me in June 2014. It has set all of this time, but now it has been transformed into a fire breathing beast with sweet cleans and thick meaty crunch tones. This amp has way more gain than a 2204."
Above and Below are photos of one of Steve Kneprath's Kneptune amps. He is using our Vox AC30 style ClassicTone # 40-18049 output transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18050 power transformer. in this particular amp. You can see more on Steve's fine Kneptune Amps on the Facebook link at
Below are photos from Dan Tramble of Dr. Dan Amp Services Marshall JMP 50 style amp. He is using the ClassicTone # 40-18025,output transformer, ClassicTone # 40-18054 power transformer and ClassicTone # 40-18058 choke. For more information on Dr. Dan Amp Services, please see Dan's Facebook link at
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