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Please read what our customers are saying about our ClassicTone transformers as follows:
"I recently purchased the JCM 900/JCM 2000 100W OT (ClassicTone # 40-18055). I have tested it in a cursory way and am very happy with it."  Mike L.
"Love what you do." and ......"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I dig the MC transformers we've been newly installing.  Really cool stuff!  More dynamic and colorful than the Heyboer we have been using. Keep 'em coming!  Looking forward to your up & coming releases." Henry C.
"I Got my Magnetic Components Inc. PT (ClassicTone # 40-18016) for a Fender Deluxe Guitar amp this week and its FANTASTIC. Love it. Made just like the Schumacher's from the 60's and early 70's but maybe even a little sturdier and heavier. Great stuff. I'm going to equip all my personal amps with your transformers and all amps I build or repair will be equipped with your transformers."  Marc N.
"I just bought and used your ClassicTone Twin Reverb OT (ClassicTone # 40-18012) on another project and I like it better than the Canadian Hammond I was using" and ...... "As time goes on, more and more guitarists are going the DIY route and your product if done correctly and competitively priced could really keep the Made in the USA pride going strong. I know that if other DIY'ers ask me about transformers, I'm definitely sending them your way!" Bob S.
"My current 5E3 with your transformers (ClassicTone # 40-18021 and 40-18022) is quite the nice sounding amp."  Jon C.
"I have recently had an opportunity to sample some of your product and was very impressed."  Ken W.
".... it seems you guys make the perfect, paper layer wound replacement for my '68 Fender Super Reverb (ClassicTone # 40-18007). "  Nils B.
"..... love your transformers!!!  I have built a few different amps using your lay-down marshall style 18 watt trany (ClassicTone # 40-18035) and I really like it." Rick W.
"I've bought a couple of transformers from you guys before and love the product and price!" Alan M.
"..... your T(ransformers)'s are great and a good price."  Simon M.
" I have been buying your excellent transformers from your dealer Triode to use in the amplifiers I have been building and I am mightily impressed! Not only do they sound great but your pricing beats all competitors. Imagine that, an excellent transformer made in the good ol' USA just like the old one's."  Peter M.
"I gigged with them last weekend and the amp absolutely ripped. I even got a few compliments on my tone. Thanks for great transformers at an amazing price!! Seriously, both the PT and OT together cost less than one or the other from............. so I will be ordering again for sure." Dan N.
" Everything I've heard, has been nothing but good about these transformers and the price sure don't hurt my feelings. "  Mars H.
" These are by far the best sounding, best built trannies I have ever seen or heard. OUTSTANDING tone! Just by chance I started searching the web for tranies....... and came upon Magnetic (Components, Inc.) site, and was sold almost immediately. The price is unbelieveable too. I don't know how you guys do it, but don't stop."  Ray
" I've been using iron from this company for years, both Marshall and Fender types--- chokes, too---I always thought these were great sounding units----even back when the prevailing online "wisdom" said that only iron from a certain California company (hi $$$) was to be considered as high quality........ I'm glad that Magnetic Components has changed their marketing to be more easily available to us and also now offers expanded model options for this quality iron. Satisfied long-term customer here----and yes, I still sometimes use Heyboer, Marstran, Mercury Mag, etc in some builds/services------- but most often I use Magnetic Components iron." GL
" I just bought a 50W Plexi project amp that has your OT (ClassicTone # 40-18025) in it and it sounds really good." Brian 
" No probs , thank you. Your transformers are really amazing , especially for the price ...... Customer service is great too........ Highly recommended. "  U
"JTM45 PT works great. I very much prefer it over the Mxxxx (a well known and respected Marshall Plexi style amp OEM and transformer dealer) PT (ClassicTone # 40-18033) since this one has the right voltages" Roe  F.
" I used a Classic Tone OT in my first amp build and it sounds really nice. The prices are outstanding for a transformer of this quality, too."  River R.
" Just swapped out the PT (ClassicTone # 40-18023) and choke (ClassicTone # 40-18032) on a 2204 and christ that amp came to life in a mean way. It was awesome!" and......."These transformers tightened up the amp and gave much more volume and headroom."  AV
" I really dug the 50 watt OT I used in my Ceriatone. I got a whole PT/OT/Choke set from Triode for a 100 watt build for less than one Mercury tranny too, great iron and even better prices IMHO. Keep it up guys! O'Rourke 
" I don't know the specifics on construction but I'd say tone wise it's a pretty faithful reproduction. I am still pleased in knowing I have modern transformers that have never been used improperly. I know they'll last. I guess you could say the PT tightened it up a bit. The difference in "tightness" wasn't dramatic IMO but I did feel the amp had a little more oomph" and....."I am definitely a fan of the ClassicTone line. Especially since they function the way they should, they sound faithful (if not better) than the original and the pricing is honest. I think brands like MM make a good product as well but in my opinion they demonstrate price gouging at it's finest" and......"I will definitely, hands down, without a doubt continue to use Classic Tone on all future builds and replacements". AV
"These trannies are great. I've got them in several builds now. " Jerry D.

"Just wanted to drop a line and say that the ClassicTone OT & Choke I used in my project amp have worked out quite well. " C.K.

"You guys have some awesome stuff. I just put one of your JCM800 transformers in a Carvin Legacy and it sounds awesome. Great work guys! " Jon B.

"What amazing service! It is exactly what I've been looking for." Jon W.
"We have been a repair shop for a long time and have always used ( and loved) your transformers for replacement for failed ones and have even used them for custom build clone amplifiers" Tyler P.
"Thanks for making great products that make all the difference to guys like me!" Bruce C.
".....BTW most of the amps I build use your trannies.  Kudos." Whit P.
"After doing some searching, your ClassicTone series of transformers has become highly regarded among guitar amp builders." Mike K.
"I've had great success with your Fender and Marshall transformers to date" Gordy P.
"I am sold on your transformers and have started using them in all of my amp builds." and......"Thanks for making such great sounding transformers!" Dylan G.
" I saw a site that raved about the quality of your products and the tonal improvements that occurred in a upgraded Bugera 1960 (ClassicTone # 40-18026)." Mark C.
" Love your product!" Don B.
" I already like the sound of the product, and I like the fact that there is continuity at your company from the time that we think of as the golden era, and the present day.  You still have machinery, materials and people who know what this is all about." Jeff J.
"I was impressed with the sound clips on your site." Dan L.
" I just put in your Marshall style 50W OT (ClassicTone # 40-18025) and am very pleased. It replaced a Mercury and sounds so much better now. I don't know how to describe it, but I like it a lot. It is in a 50W Marshall clone that I made and has your
PT (ClassicTone # 40-18023) and OT (ClassicTone # 40-18025) and it finally sounds like those old amps." Dave S.
"......your OTs are great." Nisso G.
".......your prices are very good, even at retail. Thanks and yep, you're pretty much at the top of my new short list for transformer options." Ron S.
"Magnetic Components, Inc. (you).... been manufacturing vintage style, paper core-paper wound kick ass sounding transformers since 1943 with exacting manufacturing methods that blows Heyboer, Mercury, Dagnall and the others out the door on raw roaring power and tone, yet they cost about 1/3 the price." Frank L.
"Heard lots of good stuff about your products" and...."There are many good trannies around, but I really loved your's I heard in my friends project Marshall......."  Dainius
"I have an update for Magnetics Co(mponents) ClassicTone OT (ClassicTone # 40-18025) and PT (ClassicTone # 40-18023) I think just regular Marshall 50 watt PT from them. Gave it a work out at the show. Loud all the time. The amp sounded killer up loud all day both days. Great Transformers......I will prob use those exclusively."  Jerry D.
"I'm glad that the specs are pretty conservative after all, because I can actually afford to keep building amps using the Mag Comps trannies, and I've had very positive experiences with the ones I've tried so far."..."I've got the 4/8/16 version of the Twin OT (ClassicTone # 40-18013) in my 100W Fender build -- liking it a lot!! I've used two of the JTM45 PT's
(ClassicTone # 40-18033) already too, in the two Park-type 45's I've done, with no problems".  FL
"I love my 40-18022 Tweed Deluxe OT, and it sounds great. I also had great customer service... "  SE
"I'd like to say that i've used your 15 watt S.E. OT (ClassicTone # 40-18031) along with a choke with great results, just love that pre tinned wire."  Robert P.
"Thanks for your time, and for providing such a good and cost-effective range of trannies. I'm starting to look to your products first when calculating a new build, as your price and quality are the best I've seen. "  Rus W.
"The transformers have surpassed my expectations by a considerable margin. I torture tested the prototype using your transformers at 400% of expected current for 24 hour periods, attempting to provoke a failure and was unable to even make them become unstable. I've built nine of them so far and can definely say that each transformer performs identically...all results are normal, repeatable and reproducible. You build a fine transformer!...and " (I) will certainly use your transformers in all my builds. As a Quality Engineer by trade, I appreciate the attributes of your product. As a builder of guitar amplifiers...the same, but for different reasons." Jerry G.
"I just installed your ClassicTone # 40-18031 in my Epiphone Valve Junior  and the amp sounds great. It's a huge upgrade - I now have clean headroom and good low end response."  Mike J.
"I also wanted to say that the iron I got recently for my 5F4 builds that I do, is right one, I needed to get the OT with multiple taps so I could use a single 12".  They're great sounding and will be using them for more of my builds."  Matthew M.
"Your transformers are awesome. I just finished my 5E3 and I love it.  Perfect..  Perfect..
Thank you!!!!"  Rob W.
"I have used your transformers for a Deluxe Reverb clone and they worked great!"  Keith P.
"OT (ClassicTone # 40-18055) sounds great with much more dynamic organic tone and bottom end has much more clarity, very worthwhile upgrade" and continues....."I have tried one or two diferrent ots overtime and this one is the best and works very well in TSL"  Anthony N.
" I have had great luck with the PT and the Choke!" Logan L.
"Best transformers out there today for the price and more importantly QUALITY. The quality of Magnetic Components transformers are very good. I have uesd 6 of them in various amps and they all sounded much better than the stock OT's that were in them." Triode Amplification
"I am pushing your iron in all of my builds and things are getting fantastic feedback that JTM45 output transformer (ClassicTone # 40-18039) is superb."  John R.
"I have currently used your transformers in a number of my amps last year. I love the fact that they are quality transformers made in the USA! "  Mike A.
"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a full set of transformers (40-18046
40-18026) & choke (40-18058) for my '68 Plexi SuperLead today with Triode. It took a bit longer than I expected to fund my project (student budget haha) but in the end I could have bought any brand I wanted but chose ClassicTone because of the amazing combination of your excellent support and personal communication with your customer base, unbeatable prices...and because your transformers sound stellar in every amp clip I've ever heard using them. Your level of customer service on the Metro forum made this a very easy choice for me, so again - thank you."  Bram A.
"I just bought both the OT for a JCM900 4100"....."I installed the OT (ClassicTone # 40-18055) no problem and it sounds great."  and continued...."I installed the PT (ClassicTone # 40-18057) last night and man what a difference, I love it. I know have that vintage tone with my 900's modern punch. Thank you for all your help and I will be purchasing your choke Friday, I can't wait. I have a buddy that was over last night when I got finished and now he wants me to set his 800 up."Jim M.
"I recently purchased a set of transformers for a JCM800 build and they have been amazing!"  Logan L.
"I continuously use your transformers in my amp projects. I used 2 bundles of Fender 5E3 (2 power, 2 output) and one set Fender Bassman 5F6A bundle. I like your transformers." 
Gursel Y.
"My friend and I repair and build guitar amplifiers, we do not use any other transformers except yours. Great Product, Excellent Tone, Awesome Price. Thanks!"  David R.
"I installed the choke (ClassicTone # 40-18058) and before doing so I thought how could a choke improve the sound of this already kick @$$ sounding amp? but after installing it I found out that it tightened up the bottom end and smoothed out the kinda harsh highs that this amp had. Now the bottom end is thunderous and you can feel it in your chest when cranked and the almost ice pick highs that these amps are known for are more smooth and rounded. Thanks again for everything. My (JCM)900 is now a tone monster and I'm excited to play out with it this weekend. I will be ordering the parts for my JCM800 2205 soon and look forward to seeing how it will turn out! !"  Jim M.
"Just finished a JCM800 build with your iron!! Great product!!"  Joel E.
"I finally got around to getting the transformer (PT for 18W Marshall , ClassicTone # 40-18035)  and installing it. The core is slightly larger buts fits nicely. The bolt pattern lined up perfectly. I hard wired it for 120v and bypassed the voltage selector. The amp sounds great and for $62.00 you can't go wrong. The cost in no way reflects the quality and they are well built here in the good ole USA with top shelf materials."  Phil
"I just got this JTM45 running now with the ClassicTone PT, OT & Choke. Sounds amazing!  I think your iron really is the best 'bang for the buck' out there.  They sound like they should cost much more :) Steve K.
"I just finished a 40 watt "Tweed" Bandmaster amp using a ClassicTone 40-18006, and I have to say its probably one of the best sounding examples of its enclosed, slot - frame   kind I've ever heard. I've had completely, consistently, excellent results with Classic Tone trannys. Considering thier cost and that they are US made, I really see no point in using any other type".... and continues......." I'm sure you must think from my raving about your trannys that I only just heard an electric guitar for the first time last month. Actually I've been playing for 36 years and at one time or another I have owned and played on more than half the "classic" amplifiers models that MCI supports ..There is a (real)1959 Bandmaster in my room right now. The 59' Bandmaster clone I just finished building with the ClassicTone 40-18041, 40-18006 and 40-18003 set sounds, if possible, better that the originals did. I give myself no credit at all, those Tweed's are probably the closest sound to perfect a guitar amp will ever get, but the Classic Tone Transformers make a huge impact". Marc N.
"I really like the Princeton Reverb tranny set"....and continues...."I am more than pleased with both sets of transformers I have tried and will be moving to add your transformers to my entire line". Michael M.
"I just want to send my sincere gratitude for working with me these past couple of months , and hearing out the DIY community/tweakers/builders..... and mostly for introducing two new transformers into their line,

The 40-18069 and the 40-18072

These are by far some of The most robust replacement/scratch build transformers on the market! (I mean it they have some very heavy duty steel reinforcements!) I would without a doubt put them up against the $300.00 + offerings of some companies.

The 40-18069 is a monster, and is rated for 500ma dc on it's hv secondary, with multiple secondaries to suit just about any purpose, and the 40-18072 is a super Beefy Marshall OT, with a thicker laminate stack, and has the capability for reproduction of a wider flatter bandwidth".   Joey N.

"I just wanted to send a word of thanks to y'all. I started building amps about 2 years ago. After building a few clones, I wanted to build a "signature" amp. I was determined to use the best components available. I bought the best transformers from a well-known high-end company and started building prototypes. After a year of R&D, I was getting close to the tone I wanted. But, I was still not there. I was researching other transformer companies and came across ClassicTone and decided to try your transformers. I am so thrilled I did. The amp came alive and had that TONE I had been seeking. It had full, round bass, strong, punchy mids and pristine, detailed highs. There was no flabbiness in the low end, thinness in the mids and harshness in the highs like I had been experiencing with the other transformers. There was also what I can only describe as MAGIC in the tone. That hard to describe" it" factor that makes amps so pleasing to the ear!! I was not the only one that noticed. Several guitarist friends noticed the difference without me telling them about the tranny change. It was that drastic!! THANK YOU for building such a high quality product at a FANTASTIC price!!!! I am a huge fan and will be using your products exclusively!! Chuck C.

"I am just a very satisfied customer wanting to thank you for making such a great product. I was looking into moding my Marshall DSL 100. I had heard a lot about the Mercury Magnetics product but could not afford them. By chance I came across the Marshall forum and found out about  you guys. Needless to say, I purchased the output transformer (ClassicTone # 40-18055) and choke (ClassicTone # 40-18058). I also did the C12 mod on the control board. I am absolutely blown away at the difference. I was getting ready to sell the amp and am not planning on selling it anymore. I finally can get the tone I have been chasing for years. I am very surprised you don´t get more attention on the web. I think my amp sounds great now and a very glad I didn't spend the extra on the competitions product." and continues.... "Thanks again and congrats on your great products".  Robert R.
"I absolutely love your transformers!  I used to use Mercury Magnetics, but I wasn't happy with how my prototype amps sounded.  I started changing components to try to find the magic and found it with your transformers!  Quality and performance are my two main goals in selecting components.  Price is way down the line.  Well, your product is excellent in all three! I just replaced the stock output transformer in a buddies Marshall 1987x 50W with a ClassicTone.  We noticed a huge difference!".  Chuck C
"Just installed both power (ClassicTone # 40-18084) and output (ClassicTone # 40-18055) trannies and added a choke (ClassicTone # 40-18058) to my TSL 122 combo. Great quality products! Best I can describe the results is KILLER! Tone is pretty much the same but it has more sustain at considerably less volume. And the thing will not let up! The more you crank it the louder it's RELENTLESS! I'm a seasoned musician and an experienced automotive electronics tech but pretty new to amp repair so I had to ask a couple questions, and the folks at Classictone did not hesitate to help! Thanks! LET'S ROCK!"  James B.
"Love these transformers!! They have the magic!!" Chuck C.
"Outstanding! Replaced the stock Ultra linear 135W OT with a 100 Watter 4 Ohm ClassicTone (our ClassicTone # 40-18012) and this was the best thing i ever did to my Twin. After Blackfacing and modding, the addition of the ClassicTone really transformed the amp to a true tone machine. Simply priceless! Thanks!" P.A. 
"I don’t want to sound like some kind of a zealot or a nutcase but I am a creature of habit, and intensely loyal. Once I found your transformers and used them in my 5F1 builds (our ClassicTone # 40-18019 PT & ClassicTone # 40-18030 OT) I was sold. I loved the sound. I have in a very short period of time, learned to build 5F1 clones that are better than the ones that come from Corona or wherever the custom shop is now" and continues..."Part of my success is using high quality USA made parts wherever possible like Sprague Caps and Allen Bradley resistors for example, and your handmade transformers. In fact, your trannies are a huge part of the high quality of my end product. If there is any way I can help it, I won’t use any other transformer. As a matter of fact, I would likely abandon the idea of building a particular model and consider building something else if I couldn’t get a ClassicTone tranny to go into the build". Dale R.
"One of my recent repairs using ClassicTone iron. A Marshall Master PA 100 watt head. Your 100 watt laydown transformer (our ClassicTone # 40-18046) was the exact part for this early 70's head. Voltages were dead on, runs super cool. Also replaced the choke with a Classic part. The owner is very happy. Thanks!"  Matthew M.
"I just wanted to let you know, I've built four 18 watt amps, two LiteIIb's and two of the current Superlite circuit dubbed the SuperliteIIb ... in three of the amps I've used your 18 watt output transformers, in one amp (my first) I used an inexpensive imported output transformer ... the three with ClassicTone transformers sound amazing and are loud!!! ... the other amp is well ... a decent amp, but it doesn't have the same amount of volume and doesn't have the same high-quality tone ... side by side the amps are not in the same category ... your 18 watt output transformer (our ClassicTone # 40-18037) ROCKS!!! " Rolllie H.
"The 352-114 3h plexi/drake choke is absolutely great (our ClassicTone # 40-18058). I've a/b tested it first against an original 3h dagnall (c1999) and then against a M.... / Heyboer 5h (352-114). I prefered the ClassicTone both times".... and continues " yeah, good transformers. Besides the 352-114 choke, I've been using their Twin OT (our ClassicTone # 40-18012), the AC30 OT (our ClassicTone # 40-18049) and choke (our ClassicTone # 40-18043) as well as the JTM45 / JMP50 PT (our Classictone # 40-18054). All good". Roe F.
"You guys make the best transformers!" Collin D.
"Your transformers are the best in the world.  I only use ClassicTone in my amplifiers and my client's amps. " Don E.
"ClassicTone trannies sound great imho. I had more than a couple amps with them and I think they sound pdg! Very happy using them." Billy B.
"I discovered Magnetic Components transformers a few years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since. Whenever I need a new transformer or choke for my tube amp projects, I totally rely on your high quality transformers. I've built a variety of guitar amplifiers for friends and, in all cases, your transformers provide the tone we were hoping for at a reasonable price and made in the USA! I plan to continue to exclusively purchase your transformers for my amp projects." Dick H.
"Thank you for making a great product! I have purchased several of your transformers and really enjoy them." and continues...."I have your 40-18016 power tranny and with a pair of Tung Sol 5881's, one 12ax7 and one 12ay7, I'm showing 6.4 volts on the filament so things look good. From what I can tell, the OEM specs are in most cases conservative so if you are building to them, there seems to be some wiggle room. I matched with a 40-18088 output tranny and my amp sounds great! Thanks again for producing great transformers at a reasonable price. Regards"  Keith
"Hey just wanted to let yall know how much I liked your 40 watt Ouput Transformer (our ClassicTone # 40-18088) . It really brought my 51 Tweed Pro back to life. The replacement OT that was in there really had an ice pick treble thing goin on and yours really tamed it without losin the natural harmonics. Liked it so much a bought another one. Thanks." Kenneth  
"Just delivered the best sounding 5E3 Tweed Deluxe build ever and that was in part to your 20watt upgrade output transformer. And the upgrade OT I put in my 71 Super Reverb is stellar! I am telling all my customers not to waste money on other "boutique" trannies and turning them on to your products. You guys deliver the goods at a great value! Thanks!" Jason G.  
"Over 750 amplifiers built by us on your transformers and not one single failure. Quite outstanding!! Keep up the good work." Alan P. 
"Just did my first install in a JCM2000 100 W head."..... It (our ClassicTone # 40-18084) works great-nice stable voltages, and after six hours was about 117 degrees f." Robert L. 
"Just built a 5E3 based amp and put the same PT and OT and they are the best. They have the raw bite to punch through the mix with great dynamics! I'm running 430v on a pair of 6v6 pushing out 18watts (biased with a 820ohm & 1000uf cap) So I can tell you the OT is very dynamic A+++++++" Patrick N. 
"I've used a few ClassicTone chokes and output transformers in Marshall builds/rebuilds/mods and I've been very happy with them - excellent quality, price and sound. In fact, unless I'm looking for something very specific that ClassicTone just doesn't make or I get bored or want variety for some reason, I'll probably turn to ClassicTone first from now on when I need chokes or transformers. Good, authentically made and sounding, high quality gear at very reasonable prices." Casey B. 
Vintage Constructed Amplifier Transformers By Magnetic Components, Inc.
"Hello! I just purchased (from Triode) & installed one of your Vox AC30 OTs (our ClassicTone # 40-18049) in my Vox AC30CC. I've had this amp for close to 10 years, and am very familiar with its sound. I finally tried replacing the OT, and I'm completely stunned. It went from tight and congested to bouncy & springy with a FAR more musical transition into overdrive. This amp now excels at the "verge of breakup" sound which I associate with classic Vox amps. Thanks you guys & gals for a phenomenal product!.....and continues "I will CERTAINLY refer everyone I know to your company."  Mike E. 
"I just wanted to let you know how much I am satisfied with your transformers. The TW 30 watt is just awesome! So is the Valco 35 watt  and the Marshall's / Fender's. I've used quite a few and I have had nothing but success with them. I even put in a Super 774 in to an amp that I am doing the shakedown on. I even put in a word on my website as to your longevity in the transformer industry. May you have another 70 years at the forefront!"  Peter M. 
"I recently purchased a ClassicTone set for my 1972 Marshall. Although I only used the output transformer in the rebuild of this original amp, I am very pleased with the sound of the transformer in this amp".... and continues...."I have already converted a few of my die hard Marshall friends from Mercury to ClassicTone…. They all told me I was making the wrong move using a CT over a Mercury in the classic 1972 restore. When I was complete they were stunned. Thanks again for the great parts at a great price and your responses to the various emails I sent you". Don B.
"I own a Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 MkII. I modded the power section for EL34's. I replaced the puny stock OT with ClassicTone 40-18026 and WOW!!! what a transformation!!! From sterile modelling amp into a super TONE MONSTER!!! ". Dennis C.
"We buy and use the best that we can find, so that your amp is the best that we can make it. All of our sub-assemblies are crafted by small businesses in the U.S.A and this includes our ClassicTone transformers." Rick Gessner of ValveTrain Amplification
"ClassicTone are the BEST! I HAVNT BUILT WITH ANYTHING ELSE IN 5 YEARS! When I went thru everything under the Sun the CT can't be beat! Tone, Price."
Billy B.
" I have been using  (ClassicTone) transformers for 7 years now with great results and zero defects." Jerry Dyer of Surreal Amplification
" We have tested everything for tone and performance and we chose ClassicTone transformers. ClassicTone helps us achieve THAT sound." Bruce Clement of BC Audio
"ClassicTone transformers are truly spectacular and have allowed Oxygen Amps to produce amplifiers that deliver exceptionally rich, warm tones. They produce a chimeyness and sparkle that other transformers can't produce.The power transformer used with a tube rectifier provides just enough sag chracteristic to bring back the warmth and compression of the early iconic amps."  Cam Leighton of Oxygen Amplification
"Magnetic Components ClassicTone transformers are simply the finest made today. We've tried others but ClassicTone transformers deliver the most authentic, naturally colorful sound available. They are superbly built using time proven materials and methods that provide unrivaled reliability and tone."  Henry Clift of Jaguar Amplification
" I recently had my 1998 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL overhauled for the original circuit board to be retro fitted to the better designed, later issued one. After the third seasoned Sacramento music scene veteran recommended the same tech and shop in a row I went to Shane at Tube Sonic Amps who also happens to be Sacramento's only Authorized Fender warranty repair and service facility as well. Marshalls are his specialty and he has the who's who of many of the most successful Sacramento acts including the venerable rock act Tesla. I decided since Shane would already be accessing the amp internals, to squeeze my budget a $100 and do the single best tone upgrade I could to the amp however $100 was all I had to allocate for that challenge. I had ClassicTone on my radar as I plan to build a working chassis of either a vintage Fender or Plexi circuit as kept reading rave reviews by many the D.I.Y. amp kit designers/builders. I choose to go with 40-18055 output transformer. Shane was reluctant to install it as he went on to say he's always been Mercury Magnetics or nothing at all amp tech and how superior they were etc. I said I heard such good things about your product that I assured him the results would be great and would not hold him to any disappointments on my end if there were in the end. He said ok then and went ahead with the install. With the job completed, I received a phone call to notify me by Shane. He was genuinely impressed and pleased with tone and results. He said that he was changing his tune on ClassicTone as first he was impressed with the build quality and then delighted in its tone characteristics! My initial test drive of my Marshall knocked my socks off and I'm using ClassicTone as a first option on all my amp upgrades or builds". Michael Powell
" G'day, I  am Gregg DeJohn and this is an image collage of the amp. I have built - Supercharger Model 2. This edition, specimen #2, is currently displayed for sale at a music store in Salem, OH. The visual appearance of all of my (future) Supercharger models are based off of a Silvertone 1482 I had owned & played since 1996.

The bulk of the construction is performed myself, maybe 95%. I designed the circuit and drilled/stuffed the eyelet board, drilled the stainlesssteel (and "elbow grease" hand-polished it to the degree I wanted), cut/sewn/glued the 12oz. denim to the 1/2" birch plywood enclosure and footswitch (which I made from 2x6 pine); I had a local weld/fab shop bend the chassis and my older brother designed/printed the graphics, which he applied to the chassis. It uses a # 40-18056 Power transformer and a # 40-18038 Output transformer, which pushes a 12" Ted Weber AlNiCo speaker. The light and simple white grill fabric and cool-ass leather handle, along with the denim covering, make the amplifier shout "Rock'n'Roll!" - and the amp sounds like it, too! Single IN, Treble/Bass and Volume, grid-modulating Tremolo on Zero-biased 6V6GT deuce and EZ81-rectified voltage. That's it. No channel-switching here. The top 12AX7 handles the signal and can be replaced with a 12AT7 or 12AU7 for reduced gain use with a bass or a keyboard. The extension speaker jack switches the taps of the OT when a second cab is linked (and the amp gets even more louder!). This one has been available since Sept 2016 for $800, but I've up'd future Model 2's to $1000 to include a denim cover (and it makes up for parts supplier changes). I only plan to build five editions of
four amplifier models.

Backstory... In late 2014, I began to make a couple of circuit mods to the original ST-1482 chassis along with a 1/2" plywood enclosure; and keeping the DanElectro tradition, I covered it in pea green wallpaper! But the mods were only as clean as the wire-to-tie point layout and there was one triode stage of gain too many (yes- there can be too much
gain) and it was a sonic mess. So in the spring of 2015, I found some stainless steel (advertised as aluminum) and had it bent: Specimen #1, which is now nestled in a demin-clad box built during summer 2016. It was rather easy to build the first, so why not another?

My Supercharger M2 #2 has been given rather good reviews by those who've
tested it at a store in Ashtabula, OH and, although briefly, in Cortland, OH prior to being in Salem; it was almost sold in Ashtabula to a player who thought "no cheap-ass amp can sound any good" but after an hour of jamming, he had changed his mind. While I haven't sold #2 yet, I have built boxes for another M2 and a smaller M1 (6L6G SE w/ 3-band EQ and 8") ready for further completion. I intend on using ClassicTone transformers and Ted Weber speakers, using the Red's various offerings of electron tubes. And since I also perform repairs and mods, I will also have a need for CT transformers for these as well. Every comment I read at the CT site ravving about these transformers doesn't come close to my descriptions of their quality - the transformers themselves do all the talking when
the amp has well-designed circuitry. When I had demonstrated my #1 Model 2 in Ashtabula, the store owner's jaw dropped! And his friend who tested it that day ran his Duncan loaded Jackson CLEAN into it and achieved "THAT SOUND"! It was ultimate TONE. I should have snapped a picture!

I've gone on too long. My parting words: take EVERY comment in the customer review log and multiply by ten - that's how I would rate the ClassicTone transformers I am using! ".  Gregg D.
"I am a builder in the sense that I build amps, but I am not in a commercial one.  This is a new endeavor for me and I am beginning an experience based education of the tube gtr amp circuit. I play more than I build however, I was taken by your little OT. I finished a build of three near 5F2A circuits, the first 2 using a Heyboer OT, and the last build using your 40-18110. I was so pleased with the outcome and I play a Tweed Champ daily (thus familiar with the sound and idiosyncrasies of the amp) that I quickly spread the word.

I have shared my experience with Skip Simmons our west coast tube amp guru. You see (Not by design) I have become a bit of a R and D component of my friends business simply because I have the time while he is working. I have an audio engineering background and some say a good ear for tone. I simply enjoy the challenge of finding the right pieces of the tone quest puzzle.

Anyway I am sending a boutique amp building friend and Skip one of your transformers for no other reason than I think you have a homerun here and I want to spread the wealth so to speak.  These guys have helped me and I want to give back to them.

Bottom line you have a winner in the 40-18110 and I have a big mouth. . .

All the best and thank you for being so on it when I reached out to you.  You have a dying characteristic in today's business world, you attend to the finer details of an inquisitive small fry customer. Thank you". Craig L.
"I just wanted to let you know I finally had the chance to install the 40-18031 output transformer in my Vox AC4C1 amp.  I can not believe how much better the amp sounds now. It is a nice amp but I always felt it lacked enough bass and was a little shrill sounding. I tried a different speaker, bigger speakers, more speakers, different tubes, and different cabinet sizes to try to give it some more girth. While all these changes did make the amp sound better it was still always left sounding sort of anemic.

This output transformer has finally solved that and then some. The amp has more bass now but still does not have a ton of bas.  But in retrospect I think maybe I was mistaking lack of fullness for lack of bass (also I should add my first guitar amp was a 1970 Fender Twin Reverb, which as you probably know has a HUGE amount of bass, so my frame of reference may not be fair to this little 4 watt single ended amp).

Anyway, after installing your output transformer (using the 8k primary and 16ohm secondary) the amp now sounds so much fuller and smoother and a lot cleaner.  I was thinking of getting rid of this amp but now I love it!

So thanks so much for your help and for offering such a fine product. I will spread the word that this is a must have part for this amp!". Ian B.
"Your transformers are world class. I have them in a lot of my amps. Was worried about swapped out my original Bandmaster blackface output transformers, but was blown away at how good this vintage amp sounds now.  Keep up the good work guys. And your prices are killer Glad I discovered your company. I also have MM output transformers in my Vox AC30 and Mesa BoogieTremoverb but they are no big deal. Extremely over priced for what you get in sound. My Vox does tend to sound overly bright. I have to eq it to tame the brightness,  but all of the other amps that I own have your transformers in them . I am very happy with them.". Michael N.
"I have been messing around with all my stuff, changed tubes for better ones, changed speakers, but I would say that, in my case, the output transformer was one of the most important things I have changed on my signal chain. It has been over an year now that I have changed the output transformer from my custom 100W head for a Fender Style ClassicTone. AMAZING improvement on sound clarity and also its response! And, the best of the improvements: low end! Lot of punchy low end that I have never had before on my set!" Thales C.
"I have been messing around with all my stuff, changed tubes for better ones, changed speakers, but I would say that, in my case, the output transformer was one of the most important things I have changed on my signal chain. It has been over an year now that I have changed the output transformer from my custom 100W head for a Fender Style ClassicTone. AMAZING improvement on sound clarity and also its response! And, the best of the improvements: low end! Lot of punchy low end that I have never had before on my set!" Thales C.
"I finally had the chance to install the 2 transformers you sent me for my Marshall DSL40 combo amplifier (40-18025 output and 40-18058 choke). It took me 2 hours start to finish. I biased the output tubes at 80 mv./dc. The instructions were very clear and I had no problems what so ever. I was pleasantly surprised at the degree of improvement in the sound and feel of the amp. I would recommend this upgrade to any one who wants a way to affordably upgrade their sound. Thank you very kindly for your generous help on this project!  Keith B.