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Question: What is the best way to communicate with you and receive information on your product such as pricing, minimum requirements, order information, specifications, technical information, etc. ? Note: please read the below FAQ's first prior to emailing us or calling us on the phone.
Answer: The best way to communicate with us is via email. This assures that we will be able to respond to your question(s) in a very timely and  thorough manner. Please use the link below to email us with your questions and we will respond quickly:
Answer: Our minimum direct order quantity is 12 pieces per item. If you would like to purchase in quantities of 1 to 11 pieces per item, please contact our exclusive distributors,
Triode USA and/or Amp Parts Direct.
Question: Can I combine different parts to make your 12 piece minimum?
Answer: No, the minimum direct order quantity is 12 pieces per item.
Question: What are your payment terms and what forms of payments do you accept?
Answer: Our payment terms are generally cash in advance. For orders from the USA, we accept payment by Paypal, cashier's check, certified check, money order and bank wire transfer. For USA order only, we also accept company checks but please allow 2-3 weeks for the check to clear our bank prior to us shipping your order. For international orders, we accept bank wire transfer payments only.
Question: I live in the Chicago area. Can I buy and pickup 1 piece from you?
Answer: No, we have a 12 piece per item direct minimum order quantity. Although, if you purchase 12 pieces per item direct from us it may be possible for you to come pickup your order. The pickup time and date would need to be arranged through us ahead of time.  Also, you must be an established reseller and/or OEM to purchase from us. We may require a reseller number from you prior to purchase.
Question: What if I have a technical question?
Answer: In most cases, the individual part specification will provide most technical information you will need on our transformers. The specifications are available on the individual transformer web pages. Also, you will find all of the available specifications for every ClassicTone part number located in one place per the following  link:

ClassicTone Part Number and Specification Guide
Question: Can I buy a custom version of a ClassicTone part or a custom amplifier transformer in general?
Answer: Yes, but we do have a between 10 pieces to 18 pieces per item minimum order requirement on custom transformers. This minimum varies due to size of coil and full arbor winding setups. You must also be an established reseller or OEM. To request a quote for a custom transformer, please go to our ClassicTone custom page per the following link:

ClassicTone Custom
Question: I have read this information and my questions are still not answered.
Answer: In this case, we prefer that you email us with your questions using the following "email us" link below:
Question: I have read this information and I would still like to speak with someone on the phone.
Answer: If this is the case, we still highly recommend and prefer that you email us since we believe we will be able to serve you much better. By email, you may write a message, question or if you would like, leave your phone number for us to call you back. If you still feel you must contact us by phone, the number is provided as follows:
Thanks For Your Interest In Our ClassicTone Transformers!
Question: What is your required minimum direct order quantity?
Question: How do I purchase ClassicTone transformers?
Answer: If you are a consumer, small repair shop, small OEM or reseller, you may purchase our ClassicTone transformers in 1 to 11 pieces quantities per item from our exclusive distributors, Triode USA and/or Amp Parts Direct. If you are a larger reseller and/or OEM only, you may purchase our ClassicTone transformer directly from us at a 12 piece per item minimum. Please see our ClassicTone homepage at to find the individual parts pages (just double click the individual part photos). On these individual parts pages, you will find direct links to our order forms to purchase as well as direct links to our distributors order form pages.
Question: After an order is placed, how long will it take to ship the transformers?
Answer: All ClassicTone transformers are generally stock parts. They should ship within 1 to 3 business days after order placement and receipt of payment. On the rare occasion we are out of stock, you will be notified of this upon your order confirmation with details of how long it will take to ship you transformers.
Question: Do we accept international orders and ship internationally?
Answer: Yes, but it is very limited. We require a minimum total consolidated order(s) value of $5000.00 per shipment. Our incoterms is Ex Works. Payment required would be cash in advance by bank wire transfer only. If you would like to order smaller order values, we would highly suggest ordering from our exclusive ClassicTone distributors, Amp Parts Direct and Triode USA since they are better able and would be more than happy to handle international shipments.
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