NOS Amplifier Transformers: Overstocks, Overruns & Garage Sale

A new category of our amplifier transformers consisting of NOS (New Old Stock), overstocked, overran and miscellaneous garage sale transformers. This also includes items that just do not fit in with the general standard advertised features of our ClassicTone amp transformer line.

As a fairly large producer of both custom and ClassicTone stock product line amplifier transformers, we have on occasion, overruns or overstocked amplifier transformers accumulated over time. These are perfectly good, unused transformers that were made to a customer's custom specification that are no longer required by that customer. Since they are considered inactive inventory, we are motivated to sell these items at near cost pricing. We can offer to sell these at the deepest discount prices directly in very low quantities or even as low as 1 piece in some cases. We will periodically offer various different items as they become available so it is suggested that you check our website frequently for availability of these fine offerings. Prices are subject to change without notice. These are not available through our distributors but are available directly only from us. These transformers will be offered for a limited time and only while supplies last so act fast*.

*Some restrictions apply

NOS Only Terms & Conditions: We will require that the customer be an established business with a reseller 's business license and is located and shipped to a location in the continental USA only. We will ship only by UPS at customer's expense. The only method of accepted payment for these will be by PayPal (with credit card payment option) in US dollars. Since these are so deeply discounted, we will supply no technical support and the parts will be supplied as specified. They will be non-returnable and non-refundable with no provided warranty so please check the specifications closely before buying. See NOS Terms & Conditions for more details.
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125W /150W Output Transformer, 1.98K To 4 / 8 Ohms

Construction Type: Vintage style, paper layer wound
Suitable for use with the following tubes:
6L6  x 6
EL34 x 6
KT66 x 6
KT88 x 4 (not to exceed 150W)
6550 x 4 (not to exceed 150W)
Specifications: Click Here

0 pieces in stock now......SOLD OUT (Note: 29 pieces total sold)

Do you want to order more? We will require an 18 piece minimum order. Please contact us for current pricing and lead time on this item.
Part # NOS16949
Please see below for our current NOS amp transformer offerings:
Magnetic Components, Inc. NOS Amp Transformers
50W Marshall Style Upright Power Transformer

Description: Great for use in 50W JMP & JCM 800 Style Amps
Mounting Style: Upright & Vertical Mounted (see specifications below for details)
Specifications: Click Here
Construction Type: Vintage style, paper layer wound
Suitable for use with the following tubes:
EL34 x 2

$50.08 each
1 piece in stock now while supplies last   (Note: 11 pieces sold already)   

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Part # NOS16575
100W  Fender Style Power Transformer, 120V 

Amps Used In: Blackface & Silverface Twin Reverb, Blackface & Silverface Showman and Showman Reverb, Dual Showman, Dual Showman Reverb 100, Super Six Reverb 100, Quad Reverb 100, Vibrosonic Reverb 100, Super Bassman CFA7002, Bassman 100 and Twin Reverb 100
Part Number References: This transformer is equivalent or very similar to 125P34A, 022756, NSC022756, P-T290FX, P-TF22756, TF130, 290FX and ClassicTone # 40-18004. Please check specifications closely before purchasing (see below for details).
Specifications: Click Here
Mounting Style: Laydown (Through Chassis). Chassis Cutout Required
Construction Type: Vintage style, paper layer wound just like the original
Suitable for use with the following tubes:
6L6 x 4

$65.00 each
12 pieces in stock now while supplies last (Note: 2 pieces sold already)  

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Part # NOS16911
Description: A used, original 1958 5F1 Fender Tweed Champ Power Transformer
Note #1: This is a used, original power transformer from the owner's personal 1958 5F1 Champ amp. It is in decent condition and has been 100% tested and is fully functional. A great drop in vintage original. A rare find and a must have for a purist or someone that must have an original part to maintain the resale value of their collectable vintage 5F1 Champ amp. Buy now!
Note # 2: This is also verified as a drop in replacement for 5F2A Fender Princeton amp
Construction Type: Vintage, paper layer wound

1 piece now while this rare find is still available !    
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Vintage 1958 5F1 Fender Champ Power Transformer (Part # 66079B) 
100W Marshall Plexi Style Upright Output Transformer

Description: : Made with the exact same turns, wire sizes, winding interleaving and M-6 steel lamination of the original Dagnall C1998 from the Plexi era but with modern topcoat lead wire for ease of soldering. Also, a great upgrade for some later era JMP and JCM 800 100 W Marshall Style amps.
Mounting Style: Upright & Vertical Mounted. Chassis mounting hole modification may be required for some original and upgrade applications (see specification below for details).
Specifications: Click Here
Construction Type: Vintage style, paper layer wound just like the original
Suitable for use with the following tubes:
EL34 x 4

$65.02 each
3 pieces in stock now while supplies last  (Note: 14 pieces sold already)   

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Part # NOS17482