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18W / 20W Project / Marshall Style Transformers
18W / 20W Project / Marshall Style Transformers
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Project Style Transformers
Vintage Constructed Amplifier Transformers by Magnetic Components, Inc.
Project / Marshall Push-Pull Style Amplifiers- 18W / 20W
18W / 20W Style Transformers
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ClassicTone # 40-18056
Project / Marshall Style,
18W Upright Power Transformer
18W Marshall* Type Amps
(General Purpose, Upright Style Version)

Amp Parts Direct
Not all distributors or resellers are alike! Many offer various other brands besides ClassicTone. Beware of these substitutes! These may be substandard products that are not true replacements, use inferior construction methods and materials and lack the great features and pricing of our ClassicTone transformers.  We are proud to announce Amp Parts Direct and Triode USA exclusively features our great product line!
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WARNING: Transformers should always be installed by a professional electronics technician since there are high voltages involved and may result in serious physical harm to yourself, the transformer and/or your equipment if installed incorrectly. 
Our Exclusive, Full Line, World Wide Distributors
Paper layer wound like the vintage era originals!
Made in USA by us at Magnetic Components, Inc.
Made with premium materials
Features custom, solventless, varnish for vintage look and high performance
Proper raised mountings / No chassis modification required on most
Made with pre-tinned "Topcoat" PVC appliance wire for ease of soldering
RoHS Compliant
ClassicTone Series: Vintage, Plus & Custom